This rare uncirculated large (11 3/4 by 15 1/2 inches) limited edition European print was issued for the following REX print exhibitions in Europe: (1) CNCPT GALLERY Amsterdam in 2014 (2) ANCO HOTEL Amsterdam in 2015 (3) BALLERY GALLERY Berlin in 2016 (4) REX VERBOTEN Colonge in 2017 and (5) REX WORLD Antwerp in 2018. This uncirculated rare limited edition is the largest print of this rare REX image ever offered for public sale. The original pen-and-ink drawing was commissioned in San Francisco in 1990 to commemorate the reopening of the bar at its current location at 1354 Harrison Street after the original bar was destroyed in the famous Loma Prieta earthquake of October 17th 1989. The original REX art work for this poster was created in New York in 1990 and reproduced on LONE STAR t-shirts which are still in circulation. The image was later reproduced in many Gay Magazines in the US including DRUMMER, MANDATE, INTSTIGATOR, HONCHO, ADVOCATE MEN and UNCUT. It was also included in the hardcover portfolio REX VERBOTEN published by Bruno Gmunder in Berlin in 2012. This uncirculated print is in mint condition with no stains, fading or surface marks

THE LONE STAR SALOON first opened its doors in 1989 on the corner of Howard and 7th Street in San Francisco as a bar for old gay hippies by the bar's founder Rick Redewell. It appealed to working class men who felt more at home in SOMA than the Castro District of San Francisco. However, only six months later it was demolished by the Loma Prieta earthquake that did massive damage in the San Francisco area. Redewell reopened it at its current location on Harrison Street. The new bar appealed to the biker crowd that previously made the THE AMBUSH--a norotious leather bar once located directly across the street--their Headquarters. The biker scene eventually merged with the BEAR scene, which was just gaining momentum as the LONE STAR settled into its permanent home. Eventually the bear movement became the bar's calling card. When the internet came along in the nineties the bar gained a world wide reputation
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