This rare uncirculated large (11 3/4 by 15 1/2 inches) limited edition European print was issued for the following REX print exhibitions in Europe: (1) CNCPT GALLERY Amsterdam in 2014 (2) ANCO HOTEL Amsterdam in 2015 (3) BALLERY GALLERY Berlin in 2016 (4) REX VERBOTEN Colonge in 2017 and (5) REX WORLD Antwerp in 2018. This uncirculated rare limited edition is the largest print of this classic REX image ever offered for public sale. The original pen-and-ink drawing was commissioned in New York in 1983 for the famous New York gay nightclub THE SAINT'S annual WHITE PARTY. The image was later reproduced in many Gay Magazines in the US including DRUMMER, MANDATE, INTSTIGATOR, HONCHO, ADVOCATE MEN and UNCUT. It was also included in the French hardcover portfolio REXWERK (Paris 1986) and REX VERBOTEN published by Bruno Gmunder in Berlin in 2012. This uncirculated print is in mint condition with no stains, fading or surface marks

THE SAINT, was a legendary American gay discotheque and superclub located in the East Village at 105 Second Avenue (at 6th Street) in New York City. The brainchild of owner Bruce Mailman (1939-1994) the club opened in Bill Graham's former FILLMORE EAST threatre which featured some of the biggest rock-and-roll musical acts of the nineteen sixties. The 1926 building had previously been an abandoned former movie theatre. THE SAINT was opened in 1980 by Mailman and his business partner and architectural designer Charles Terrell. The nightclub was an immediate success even before it opened. Membership packs with floor plans were distributed and even before the club opened, 2,500 memberships had been sold at $150 each for the first 700 members and for $250 for the rest, with a long waiting list established. It was financed in large part by Mailman's other gay venture, the nearby New St. Marks Baths, a gay mecca at the time on Saint Mark's Place around the corner, known since the dawn of the 20th Century as the largest gay bathhouse in America. The nightclub's renovation cost $4.5 million, and ended up being $2 million over budget ($18 million at 2018 prices). Money was spent repairing the roof, paying six years of back taxes to the city and fitting out the interior. Initially it opened as a private membership gay nightclub and set the standard for discothecques in lighting, sound system, hydraulics and technical support for its many imitators to follow. But by the end of its second season AIDS had begun eating through the fabric of gay life in New York and began to take a relentless toll on the Saint's falling membership, resulting in the club's season being extended into the summer and open almost all year round. By its seventh season, membership costs had fallen to $50 and opened weekly for a straight crowd now. By 1985, the Black Party performers were required to perform safe sex. By 1987, the performances emphasised masturbation, phone sex and mud wrestling; a far cry from the club's early hedonistic days which, on one celebrated occasion, employed a boa constrictor used as a prop in a sex act. The club closed in 1988

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